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Folk Music and Dance Group of Rajasthan

Rajasthani folk performing artists to come up with unique performing art genres of Rajasthan and present their talent at both national and international levels.

Folk Music

Rajasthan has many forms of folk music which are very attractive and soulful to entertain its tourists and grab their attention from all over the world. The most amazing fact of Rajasthani folk music is its various types of music varieties.

Folk Dance

Rajasthan has many various types of folk dance forms that are very skilful and enjoyable for all age groups which is very famous worldwide. Ghoomar, Kathputli ( Puppet ) and Kalbelia ( Snake Dance ) are very famous and attractive for tourists.

Kalbelia Dance

Kalbelia dance is a folk dance of Rajasthan state of India. It is well known by other names like 'Sapera Dance' or 'Snake Charmer Dance'. Kalbelia dance is particularly performed by a Rajasthani tribe called 'Kalbelia'. The popularity of this dance is so much worldwide that Rajasthan's Kalbelia dance and songs are now in UNESCO's representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Ghoomer is a community dance performed on auspicious ceremonies. The name of this dance is derived from Ghoomna and speaks about the colorful and graceful beauty of long skirt of the Rajasthani women...

Chari Dance

This is a dance in which dancers carry a pot on their head. A lighted lamp will be also placed on the pot...

Terah Taali

In this dance, women will tie brass discs in their hands, wrists, elbows, and arms. The male performers who accompany these dancers will play tandoora and sing. Women performers would give fine movements to create fine rhythm that matches well with the performance of the accompanying male performers...

Bhavai Dance

Bhavai is an amazing dance in which dancing women balance almost 8 to 9 pitchers on head. Only skilled dancers will be able to balance the earthen pots or the pitchers. This dance is really difficult to do as the dancer’s sway on the edge of a sword or on the glass in their barefoot...

Kalbelia Dance

This is a vigorous dance with graceful and swirling movements. This dance is also called as one of the most famous sensuous folk dances. It will be accompanied by men performing music...

The Fire Dance

It is performed by Jasnathis of Churu and Bikaner districts. The tempo will be increased during the performance and the dancer will do as fast the tempo goes. One of the breathtaking dance form...